Pet Angel Memorial Center® cremation options

Cremation is the dignified process of reducing a beloved pet's remains.
Pet Angel Memorial Center® only provides Private Cremations and Communal Cremations, and offers additional personalized services including a clay print of your pet's paw, our dignified My Pet Angel® Remembrance Package, and our Authenticated Memorial® process. Because cremation terms are often used interchangeably, speak with your veterinarian or cremation provider about the services they offer to ensure you receive the service you want and the dignity your pet deserves.

Common pet cremation terms

Typically, there are three kinds of cremations:
Private Cremations, where the pet is cremated alone, without any other pets in the processing chamber, and the cremains are either returned or scattered depending on the wishes of the family.
Partitioned Cremations (often confusingly referred to as individual or even private cremations), where a pet is cremated along with several other pets in a single chamber, somewhat separated from the others, with the cremains being returned to the family. Pet Angel Memorial Center does not provide partitioned cremations as this cremation type cannot guarantee that the cremains you receive will be only those of your pet.
Communal Cremations, where a pet is cremated along with several other pets in a single chamber and the cremains are not returned to the family.

While many pet cremation services claim to process "Private Cremations," make sure to inquire if they do in fact place your pet alone into the cremation chamber to ensure you are receiving the service you want and your pet deserves.

Further Information on the Decision-Making Process

Caring for pet families and the environment

Pet Angel Memorial Center® utilizes modern, innovative equipment that can process Truly Private Cremations (only your pet in the cremation chamber) with up to 80% less fuel usage and carbon emissions than the traditional equipment.


Your beloved pet deserves to be treated with the same dignity and respect in death as they were treated in life. Your family deserves to be treated with compassion during a difficult time. Pet Angel Memorial Center® provides personalized cremation services, featuring Truly Private Cremations in a compassionate, supportive setting, and gives you flexibility and choice in the handling of your beloved pet.