Online Memorials

Bailey Bear

1996 - 2012

You were the savior of my life. I was so down until I found you. We had Lots of great times together. You went every place with me because you were my service dog. You were not just my Dog - You were my Best Friend and Loyal Companion. You were at my side since I found you. The house is so so empty without you here. I come in and no Bailey at the door waiting smiling and wagging her tail. Just a saddened faced Casey & Seyba wondering where their sister and grandmama are and coming home to them. Mommy comes home from work @ 5 a.m. or so - No Bailey there to share her left over food with. I always said I dreaded the day I would lose you. Now it has come and I am so so hurt and saddened - more than I ever have been in my life. You meant so much to me in my life. Nothing hurts like this. You will be in My heart My Thoughts FOREVER - NEVER OUT OF MY HEART AND THOUGHTS. I LOVE YOU MY BABY GIRL!
1-30-96 9-15-12 (11:45 PM)