Online Memorials


2008 - 2012

Our Benny or "Bean" as we called him, was a blessing to have in our lives. He had a very loving soul & was such a trooper through some difficult times in his life. 2 knee surgeries & a few other small procedures during his 4yrs, he always kept his happy & loving spirit. Even near the end of his life when he was battling cancer, he fought with us to survive & be with us as long as he possibly could. So much more than just a pet, he was our best friend & we loved him like a son, if not even more, if that’s possible. Always there for us when we were sad or upset, ready to cuddle & play. We showered him with love during his life & even now as the days go by without him physically here, we think about him every day & have a candle lit signifying his presence in our home. The tears come on a daily basis for our Benny. He can never be replaced & the pain of no longer having him around is at times unbearable. He made everything so much more enjoyable & we cannot put into words how much we miss him. A true best friend, much more than a pet.