Online Memorials

Booboo Zimney

2010 - 2019

I would like everyone to know that my baby booboo was truly a part of my soul. I will carry her with me everyday till the day I get to be with her. Booboo looked like a dog but a dog she definitely was not. Booboo and I have spent every minute together side by side for 9 years from the time she was 3 weeks old. I got diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor 3 years ago and started having seizures. Needless to say every aspect of my life changed. I could no longer drive, I was constantly hitting my head from my seizures. A year after I got diagnosed and booboo watched every seizure that year, suddenly booboo took the lead and trained herself to warn me if I was about to have a seizure. She would tug at my clothes and pull me to the floor. I was able to start driving again, booboo would pull my hand off the wheel and that let me know to pull over and stop the car safely. Booboo has stood next to me and was my strength when all 4 of my children grew up and left the nest. She was there to catch every year.
Side by side or miles apart...
You are always in my heart booboo. ❤️
I'll love you forever, my baby you will always be.
I will love you till I take my last breath my baby booboo.