Online Memorials


2010 - 2020

Our little boy passed away at the golden age of 9 and1/2 years old, a long and full life for a boxer. Laughable, affable, our baby boy, Bruno, taught us so much. Through him we became better and more responsible humans. Through him we deepened our respect for the animal kingdom and all of God's creation. Alas, it is through his loyalty and compassion that we learned to open our hearts to their fullest and most vulnerable extent. Appropriately we received him on Valentine's Day as he has taught us the true meaning of unconditional love. He has been a friend and spiritual companion of ours for years. We cannot express how much this kind creature meant to us and our families. Like Peter Pan, he never grew up, and lived his entire life like a bright-eyed puppy with the whole world to explore. He was always silly and inquisitive, while at the same time exhibiting the shyness of a dog that may have been too spoiled! He always wanted to be next to you, never met a stranger, and afforded us so much unconditional love that our hearts were nourished by him for nearly a decade. However, he suddenly passed away quite peacefully in his sleep, due to complications from a previously undiagnosed spleen cancer. We appreciate the help of our local veterinarian and the staff at the Mobile, AL, facility of Pet Angel for making this incredibly difficult transition process easier for us as we try to adjust to a life without our faithful companion. Rest In Peace, little Bruno. You will always be with us. "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast..." Proverbs 12:10

With all our love,
Julian, Josh, Mark, and Nanny