Online Memorials


Thank you, Pet Angel Memorial Center, for taking care of my precious Buddy. We lost him unexpectedly a month ago today, and I just picked up his ashes today (I have been out of town for almost two weeks). I was so touched by the beautiful certificate of passing and grief support documents that you sent. The cherry box is beautiful, and thanks for also providing us with a fur clipping. We are still really hurting from losing him. He was a smart cat, always really relaxed, stoic, but had playful moments. He was very loving and was with me during some very hard times over the past few years. I will always miss his sweet greeting when I came through the door. Many people will not understand this, but he was one of my best friends. A secret keeper who knew all about my life but loved me anyway. I will never regret taking him in from the streets and having the opportunity to give him the life he deserved, a life full of love and happiness. <3