Online Memorials


1996 - 2011

We worried about the day that you would leave us, knowing that time was approaching. We had time to accept that we would soon be left without you, but that time didn't make your passing any easier. You chose us as your family 14-1/2 years ago and from that moment you melted into our souls and became a wonderful part of us. You grew from a tiny, fluffy ball of fur to a very sociable, charming guy with a grand, magnetic personality. You had a life full of fun and adventure and were able to enjoy that time during your more active years. But, as time went by, your little body began to fail. You grew more tired and then found comfort napping on the couch with Magoo, your kitty sister, close by. You relaxed by being close to Mommy as she massaged your weary bones and provided snuggles and kisses to ease your pain. Through many medical problems you stayed strong and proud - never complaining, but instead enduring and providing us with your devotion and love. We'll miss you forever.