Online Memorials

Daisy Daskal

2012 - 2020

Daisy was a fierce dog who was always feisty, but she was also a sweetheart. We got her from the Atlanta Humane Society in 2012. She was just over 3 months old, and was very cheerful when we came near her. So of course, we had to take her home. Dad was on a business trip, so when he came back, he was in for a surprise. Dad was not a fan of her at first, but as time passed by, he slowly started warming up to her. Daisy was a fantastic cuddly buddy, and had the softest fur. She had the cutest crooked little smile that greeted you whenever you came home. She was a mischievous little thing as she loved to pee on the carpets and watching Dad say “stupid dog” after. She always felt she needed to be the queen of the pack in the house. After we added more animals, she was always protective of her dominance over every other dog. When our other dog, Clemson, passed on, she was always standing her ground no matter what. Now, less than a year after Clemson’s passing, she’s gone too after only 7 years with us due to mast cell tumors. We showered her with love all the way until her time of death in our home on March 21st. She was an amazing dog to have and she has now crossed the rainbow bridge into heaven with Clemson <3. RIP baby Daisy girl. You will always be in our hearts and memories. Thank you for all you added to our family in your less than expected time on earth.