Online Memorials


2002 - 2012

We didn't know much about you when we adopted you other than both of your daddies have come to the agreement that you chose us, and not us that chose you. You stole our hearts from day one and it is so hard to not see you everyday, but we know that you will always be in our hearts and memories of all the times we endured as a family. We were fortunate enough to have you in our lives, and I know that you know how much we both loved you. You were a one of a kind sweet little pom pom baby, little bit, big baby boy, and all the names we came up with you over the years. You lit a light around our hearts and it has made us better today knowing that we loved you with all our hearts and you the same! Delilah misses you too! Until the day that we meet again...
Love, your Daddies.. XOXO