Online Memorials

Ellie Mae HensLey

2006 - 2019

My husband and I picked Ellie Mae up the week we got married which was the week of September 16, 2006. Wow! What a blessing it was! She brought so much love and joy to our family. I am so grateful for our relationship and time together.

Ellie was 8 weeks old when I picked her up in Pikeville, Ky. She was literally my first baby. Dressing her in sweaters, taking her places with me, sleeping with me, we were inseparable. She was my best friend. Even in the bad moments when I would cry- she was there by my side comforting me. She seen me through nursing school, becoming a mother, and mourning the loss of my father in law. After my son was born in 2011, she quickly bonded with him and loved him very much. She was the kindest and most gentle soul.

The house is not the same without her big, loving personality. I miss her rolling around on her backside, kicking her feet, full of joy, rubbing her head on my legs when I get home from work or meeting me at the door with a house shoe or dog toy in her mouth. She loved her walks and running on the golf course. I am so happy we took her fishing with the family this past Summer.

Again, I am so grateful I had her for 13 years and I cherish all the memories we had together. She was truly one of a kind and an angel on earth. I hope we are reunited in Heaven one day.