Online Memorials



Forrest was one of our pet rabbits who had a spinal injury and was having a difficult time using his back legs. After his accident, we had to give him extra special care - hand feed him, bathe him, water from a bottle, etc. I built a brick maze that was about 6 feet long that would hold him upright to try to teach him to use his back legs again. I was even trying to build him a wheelchair so he could walk around with his other buddies. His death was a surprise and a shock to me. He had been crippled for about 4 months. Every day when I would go to feed him, he would start scooting towards me like he knew me. He even knew his name when I would call him. I know he's in heaven right now and some day I will be there with him. I love you, Forrest, and you will always be in my heart.