Online Memorials

Fredward Galileo McLane, aka “Fred”

2005 - 2011

You truly were the "best cat ever." There will never be another like you. I am heartbroken. Rest in peace, sweet kitty, free of pain and sickness.

Crying as I write this, I will never forget my best feline friend, Fred. He came to my table and touched my nose to his to say hello, then settled down on our books for a reading lesson twice a week. He was very intelligent. He always paid attention and gave back love and laughs. I'm glad I got to see him on one of his best days near the end; he was his own sweet self that day. I remember he jumped up to look out the window and seemed to be feeling much better. There will never be another Fred. I have told so many people about him and his funny antics. What a sweetheart. Farewell, Fred. I loved you and so did everyone else. You truly were a family member at the McLane's house. He was lucky to land there to live out his life. Our pets are only on loan from God and when it's time, they must leave us and go back to the angels, where there is no pain or hurt and they can be free to run and play again.