Online Memorials

GiGi “My Girl”

2009 - 2019

To my beloved GiGi.
I watched you grow from a adorable pup into a beautiful, so beautiful adult.
You were more than just a dog, you were my best friend and my beloved companion, you were "MY GIRL"
No matter day or night, rain or shine, sick or well, happy or sad, you were always there enthusiastically wagging your tail. Those big brown eyes had a soul.
I'm missing you so much. You were my walking buddy and my running errands sidekick . I miss hearing you barking at the possum that came by every night.
I just know you're running through the field beyond Heavens Gates with JJ, KiKi and LoBoy.
There are no words to describe the heartbreak I feel and how much I miss you. Tears come when I wake and again before I sleep. Your unexpected departure from us has my heart broken.
Until we see each other again, l Love You GiGi
"My Girl"