Online Memorials

ginger “gigi”

2009 - 2017

From the moment I brought her home, Gigi was the biggest little doggie in the house. She kept her big brothers (two big Dobermans) in line. If they got too crazy with her, she wasn't afraid to let them know with her tell tale bark. But as sassy as she could be, she was their favorite playmate, their cuddle buddy and baby sister. Gigi was my baby girl, my constant companion, my crazy little sidekick and my faithful friend. When I was down, she would intuitively stay near me and cuddle, or touch her nose to mine, just to be close and comfort me. She was a sweet dog with a giant heart, who loved her little piggy toy to the moon and back, and would never be far from her big brothers and her Mama. She loved to find cookies hidden throughout the house, and was always down for sleeping in on a rainy morning. I will miss my little Gigi Belle. I can't wait to see her again on the Rainbow Bridge, where we will have nose nuzzles and cuddles again. Miss you Gia Bella. Mama loves you.