Online Memorials

Jazz aka Bubber Bear

2003 - 2014

Jazz "Bubby" Mendenhall. I wish I knew what happened to you baby boy. He was 11 years old, he was very smart, didn't make hardly any noises, didn't chew up anything, not even a shoe. When he was born, he was the smallest and he was sick. He was taken to Whiteland pet store where I had found him getting ready to be put to sleep due to kennel cough. Without any care, I put the full price amount on the counter and walked out without a receipt. I hand fed him for a couple of months until he had enough strength to walk on his own. My baby, my son, my soul and my love without a measure. Nights and mornings have gone stale, food has no taste. I needed you to share pretzels with - now that bag is too big for me alone. We have and always will love you unconditionally as you have and do for us. May Heaven greet you with the love you deserve. 2/2/2003 - 6/21/2014 A Candle will be lit every Friday night at midnight in honor of my son Jazz. I will see you again Sweetheart - Daddy promises you.