Online Memorials


1997 - 2010

Jessica my other half, I will never stop loving you. Now that you're gone, I feel like part of me is missing, a part of me I will never get back. I know it was the right thing to put you down; you were in so much pain. I know that you are with Sammie now and Grandma Moe. Just remember I will love you forever. I remember watching the docter put the needle in you and wanting to push him away and run out of the room with you and take you back home with me where you belong. I have to say I am sorry for Dustin cracking jokes the whole time, but I think you and I both know if he didn't do that, he would be crying just like me. All I have known my whole 13 years of my life is you and only you. You were there for me. That's all I could ever ask for. I love you with all my heart - never forget that. Rest in peace, Jessica. Don't worry about me. I will find a way to get through you not being here. I don't know how, but I promise you I will. Wait for me, I will see you again someday.