Online Memorials

Little Boots (Bootsy)


Bootsy, you came onto my porch after someone threw you out like garbage. I was with you so much & giving you your meds. Even when you were so sick and could barely move, you would purr when I pet, scratched you & when we snuggled. I knew you would go to Heaven, but you were getting a little better, then you died while in my arms. It was a little unexpected. You had my heart from the beginning. Noah misses you as much as I do. I talk to you everyday. I hope you know I tried my best to help you & give you a loving home even though you had to stay in the room. I will always miss & love you. I wish you could have played with the other fur babies in our family. It broke my heart that you could not and to see you so sick. You are not sick anymore my little Bootsy. Play with the rest of your fur baby family even though you never met here on earth. Remember me and all I did and tried to do for you. I always think about you. I miss you so much and love you so much too. Always be mine, Bootsy.