Online Memorials

Maggie May

1999 - 2016

From Mommy,
I miss the way I would hold you tight,As you slept all through the night.
I miss when I wake up and your not laying next to me, But knowing you are in a better place does do some to lay my mind at ease.
I miss everything about you and want you to know you will never be forgotten by me or your Papa Bear and you will always be loved and missed.
The one thing I am truly grateful for is have you in my life these past 6 plus years wish had you from the beginning so you would have not had to have suffered the way you did but we made sure your golden years were truly golden just as you made those years truly golden for us we did not deserve to have been graced with your presence you changed our lives forever,
Life will never quite be the same now you are gone but want you to know you will always have a piece of my heart with you
and that Momma Bear and Papa Bear will ALWAYZ LOVE YOU!!
And I will always remember how you smell . I know now that you are in Heaven and Finally well, GOD BLESS YOU MAGGIE!
From Papa Bear,
Oh my dearest sweetest Maggie May ,How I wish for just 1 more day with you,For I would tell you how much I love you and how I wish you stay forever, Oh how I will truly miss pulling on your little chin ,as well as the feeling of having you laid up against mine and mommies skin,But I know I cant be selfish and have to share you with the man above.Just know how much you will always be loved by all who got to know you!....In God Name Amen
Maggie May Lynn Look 1999- 11-23-2016