Online Memorials


1995 - 2011

We loved you from the first time that we saw your adorable face and happy personality. You rode home on a blanket which engulfed you and made you look even smaller. I named you “Mickey” because your ears were so small and flopped over slightly like Mickey Mouse. An ear-to-ear grin always graced your face and made us smile. You were a great dog and would welcome people with a clear “Hello.” You would sleep by my feet and during the summer you would swim with me. When I sat on the floor you would walk under and rub on my legs. You loved to play with Ralphie and follow mom watering the flowers. You never barked as much as when we would go out the door. It was your way of wanting us to join you. I know that it was your time to leave us, but I know that you are still here. You will always be remembered dearly by all who knew you, and the memories that we had with you we will keep forever in our hearts. Mickey, we will love you forever for you always filled our lives with such great joy.