Online Memorials

Midnight (aka Doodles)


Midnight was such a great dog to have in my life. He was a brother to me. His Daddy always said "he's not a dog - he is a human." He would always listen to what everyone was saying and he loved his treats. He would always get table Scraps - now I have no one to give them to. I miss you dearly - the house is so empty since you're gone. I miss your smile LOL. I'm glad you got to spend every last bit of life with the ones who loved you most - your FAMILY. It hurt to see you pass, but I know you aren't suffering anymore. You're an angel now looking down on us!! Mommy misses you too. I look at the pics of you and just cry. I love and miss you, puppy. You will never be forgotten. You're the best dog ever and no other dog can replace you.
Mommy and Sissy