Online Memorials

Midnight (aka puperoo)

2002 - 2012

I keep looking for you, Midnight, when I enter the house or leave. When I cook dinner it's automatic daily to make you a plate of spaghetti or steak...not to mention your favorite (french fries) or give you your daily spring water bowl. You are my best friend forever. I've been blessed to have you for 10 short years. You loved your car rides when you were feeling better. You were amazed looking at all the Christmas lights during your rides. You would have given your life for me at any moment I know and I would have done the same for you. You will never ever be forgotten and you will be buried with me when the good Lord calls my name. I hope you're up in Heaven with Rory...he loves you and he will walk you everyday. Also, Simba is with you now. You will never have to suffer cancer pain again. You are the same as my son kids, I love you both. Thank you for being my loyal buddy, Midnight.
I Love You...Daddy xoxoxoxo Bob ....