Online Memorials

My Beloved, I Miss You


I gave you the right name because you would crawl & then scoot on your belly side to side. I remember taking you on walks, loving on you & when I needed a hug, you were there. You would lick my face when I was sad. You kept me warm in the winter. When the baby was born, you were so protective. You sat by him, let him climb on you, laid by his crib as he napped, pushed him when he was in his jumping jimmy & he would laugh. I loved watching you romp around in the snow. You'd come back to the door & you would be covered in snow. I am sorry that you had to endure the last 3 1/2 years of your life confined to a garage. You know it was not my choice. This is very hard for me because I was only able to see you once, then your so called daddy didn't let me anymore. You were always in the house with us and after daddy left us then threw me out, I couldn't take you with me because I didn't have money. Know in my heart that we will meet again someday.