Online Memorials



This week has been so hard to handle and the tears are still flowing. I hoped to have more time with you Nick. I loved you so much and I did what I could to show it. Most people see you as just a dog. But you were my son. When I saw you last you gave me a kiss as I walked out the door. How I wish I could go back, hug you, and have that kiss once more. I didn’t think it would be the last time I would see you. My heart breaks knowing you laid helpless at the foot of my chair. I know you were wondering where I was and why daddy wasn't there. I am so sorry, baby, I was at work and not there. But I will never forget as I kissed you goodbye, then you took your last breath and closed your eyes. It will be so hard not seeing you waiting at the door. I won't get to pick you up and hold you anymore. So sleep on, my boy, and take your rest. I love you, but God knows what’s best. Nicole still looks for you every day. See you when I get to heaven. I take a piece of you with me everyday. I love you & miss you.