Online Memorials


2012 - 2019

Dearest Niedlich,
We could have never expected the great joy you would bring to us on Nov 2, 2012, as you joined our family. You were so tiny at 4 weeks of age, but your paws were HUGE. You were so frightened as you went from your foster mom to your new mom. You looked like a baby lab. You rode in Uncle Josh Griffin arms from Kokomo to Indy. Then from Indy to St Peter, you slept in the seat beside me. Everyone was so happy to meet you at home. Sophie and Tipton were so much bigger than you were. They taught you all the things you needed to know. Such an amazing big brother and sister. Clara named you Niedlich, which means cute, small, adorable in German. You fell asleep in Daddy's arms. Each day since that first, you have brought us unconditional love, made us laugh and kept this home in constant motion. We thank God for each day that we had you to love. And baby girl, you were loved and still are loved. Run free, our sweet girl. Until we see you again. Your loving family.