Online Memorials

Nyx Evans-Moon

2003 - 2019

Nyx Evans-Moon, our precious Nyxly, passed from this world to the Rainbow Bridge and beyond on Saturday, November 23, 2019. Nyx was almost 16 years old, and she had been with our family since she was a tenacious young kitten. Nyx was born under a holly bush at the Evans family home in Cochran, Georgia. She was given as a “gift” to Nathan from the Evans family, and she went on to wreak havoc and chaos wherever she went. She is preceded in death by her barely-tolerated adoptee sister and elder, Anais Evans-Moon, and her black-and-white true sister, Socks Evans. Her mother, Midnight Evans, passed away the same night as Nyx. We are sure they have been reunited as a family on the Rainbow Bridge.

Nyx was a unique being with a larger-than-life soul and personality. Despite only weighing eight pounds, she always made it known when she was in the room. Nyx was her own cat who challenged the myth of cats as cute and cuddly. Her defiance was her defining trait. Her meows had many varied tones, but they were most often demanding ones. She was a very vocal cat; when we arrived home, you could hear her meowing through the garage door.

Her glimmering golden eyes, thick black fur, black whiskers, and soft black paw pads stole the hearts of everyone who knew her. In the summer and fall, she would often lay in the warm sun, and her black fur took on a reddish hue. Black cats truly have an aesthetic and beauty all their own. Her tail was most active - telling us, even when she could not - of her displeasure. Her tail was deadly accurate, thumping us on the head or hand. Nyx loved to jump as high as she could, including the tops of balconies, the refrigerator, and high shelves. Wherever she should not have been, there she would be found. Whenever she was denied from a room, a box, or something expensive and breakable, she would always find a way. She loved to run outside in fall and play in the leaves, trying to eat them.

Nyx was intensely, single-mindedly curious. She loved to talk to squirrels and small birds but was scared of hawks and thunder. She was not often a lap cat, except in deep winter, when she wanted to be warm. Most of the time, she would avoid her toys, preferring to find trash on the floor and play with it, or sleep in cardboard boxes, earning her the loving moniker of “trash cat.” She would steal pepperoni off pizza and eat your Dairy Queen ice cream if you sat on the sofa. Weirdly, she loved to lick sunscreen off your arm or forehead in the summer and try to eat your hair if it was wet. Her favorite place during Christmas was underneath the Christmas tree, and we soon learned not to put ornaments on the lowest branches. When unknown visitors came to the front door, she would attack the glass with a bushy tail until they walked (ran!) away. In her last few days, she spent a significant amount of time in her owners’ laps, purring and making biscuits when she could. She told us when she was ready to go on to her next adventure, and she passed peacefully and without pain.

We are not entirely sure Nyx knew she was a cat; she was a force of nature in black fur. We were not her owners, but her guardians in this world. Nyx, for all her troublesome ways, loved her guardians very much and loyally met us at the door every night, until she could no longer do so. We are very sure that somewhere, she is causing significant trouble and getting into things she shouldn’t. Nyx broke the mold of what a cat is and should be. This one-of-a-kind creature with substance, spirit, and soul will be missed by those who loved her. We sincerely hope that our dearest Nyx will be waiting on her guardians on the Rainbow Bridge at the end of our journeys.

To the cat who was born in the darkness and cold of the winter; to the cat who stirred at the coming of spring; to the cat who sunned herself in the heat of the summer sun; and to the cat, who above all else, enjoyed the crisp air of autumn's leaves, we are fortunate to have called you ours for all four seasons of over 15 years. May you find peace and tranquility and love until we meet again. We love you, Nyx--goddess of our night.