Online Memorials



I miss you my friend so very much. Since the day I brought you home from a yard sale you chose me to be your momma. I gave you my heart and you gave me your unconditional love. I knew you were special. I miss you always walking right behind me everywhere I went in the house and outside. I see your things around here and I miss you more than I ever thought possible. I know you are somewhere beautiful because I know God loved animals so much that he told Noah to put 2 of every animal, male and female, aboard the ark. So because God loved all animals you are now eternally happy and healthy waiting for me when I too make my journey to be with the Lord God. I love you "Pete-Pete", my Petie the pit mommas boy. Daddy, Josh, Polly and Precious miss and love you too. Sometimes I still find myself calling you or waiting for you. We love you.
Momma and Daddy