Online Memorials


2007 - 2019

Our sweet, loving, loyal Precious passed away on August 7th 2019. You couldn't have asked for a better pet/family member. She started out a pet for my then 5 year old daughter. She never met a stranger. She got so excited to meet new people that she would pee everywhere. She even loved trips to the vet. We had our son in 2009 and she was right by his side when we came home from the hospital. She watched him just like a mother would. We also have cats and would catch Precious sneaking the cat food every now and then. For some reason she liked it better. Her favorite thing was bread. As soon as she heard the word or the opening of the package her ears went up and she came running. That was a treat for her. We all miss her so badly. I held her lifeless body in my arms for the last time yesterday and uncontrollably sobbed. I never imagined how bad it would hurt. Sweet Precious there will never be another you! I hope you knew how much you were loved, you left paw prints on our hearts❤