Online Memorials



A little bundle of furry joy.
You loved to play with every toy.
You grew into a handsome kitty.
You really looked so royal and pretty.
As you got older our bond grew.
My best friend, I really loved you.
Your purrs and kitty kisses were incredible.
Yes, you truly are unforgettable.
The time came when you got old.
I tried my best to take care of you, be brave and bold.
You said your good-bye the last two weeks.
I held you as my tears fell onto your sweet kitty cheek.
The time came for you to go. I didn’t know my heart could break so.
You will forever ever be my Rajah baby boy.
Thank you for bringing me so much joy.
You will always have my love my friend.
Kitty footprints on my heart, forever till we meet again.

Mommy misses you sooooooo much! You were the best cat I've ever known. Thank you for being in my life. I love you more than I can express.