Online Memorials

Riley Kelly

2005 - 2020

Riley Ann Kelly (Nov. 26, 2005- Jan. 12,2020)

Riley joined our family as a Cavachon puppy in early 2006 from Gleneden Farm in Berryville, VA. Immediately, our hearts were won over by this adorable little bundle of peach and cream fur with the big brown eyes and sweet personality. She spent the next 14 years watching her siblings, Alana and Brendan, grow up from Pre-K all the way to college and loving every moment of the time they spent together.

She loved traveling and visiting family in Ohio and Wisconsin. Riley was so quiet in the car; you’d never know she was in the backseat as she never made a sound. She loved watching tv/movies; opening presents, they didn’t have to be hers either ????; playing with toys; and wearing her Ole Miss gear- Go Rebs! Her most favorite things to do were being outside with her dad going on walks and spending time with him in the backyard exploring down by the creek. Inside the home though, just being with mom was enough to make her happy whether they spent time in the office working, in the kitchen cooking or just snuggled up on the couch with a good book.

Riley was the most caring, gentle and lovable dog. She gave so much love to us every day of her life. Even when she was diagnosed with lymphoma, she kept pushing through and kept out spirits high while she was feeling so low. Thank you, Riley, for choosing to be with us for 14 years. We miss you so much!


Mom, Dad, Sissy and Bobo