Online Memorials

Sammy Mercado

2000 - 2012

The day my mom told me I was getting a dog I was in such disbelief...
I will never forget the first time I grabbed you and shoved you in my jacket. That's how small you were (dachshund). You were so wouldn't stop barking on the way home and I remember you trying to run up the stairs and your little legs couldn't get you up the stairs. When my dad came home you ran up to him and just kept circling his feet in excitement - he was excited too! I would always brag about you so much to everyone in school. I used to run laps with you around the house all day long and chase and pounce on will always be my first dog. I used to cuddle with you at night and when you would scream with all the thunder. I really wish I was there for you more than I was buddy. Your brother Huey is going to miss you now every time he goes to his grandma's house. You were a cool little hound =[ I miss you so much and it was more than 2 hours ago.
I love you.
I miss you Sammy.