Online Memorials


2000 - 2020

Sela was my loving 20 year old cockatiel. Sela started having digestive and respiratory issues at about 18 years old. During Sela's last 2 years, Sela was given various types of antibiotics and other medicines to keep Sela going. We acquired Sela as a baby in March 2000. The first vet that I brought Sela to estimated Sela's birthday to be January 2000. After struggling with ongoing digestive and respiratory issues, Sela passed away on April 24, 2020. This was a long life for a cockatiel. Sela will be sorely missed. As with my other cockatiel Joshie, who we acquired in 1999 and who passed away in 2013, we had Sela cremated and purchased commemorative containers to store their remains.