Online Memorials


2007 - 2018

Simon my baby boy you'll missed dearly you were my best friend and a fighter you beat cancer boo boo bear! You were special in your own unique way you loved to eat even though you didn't have teeth I still have she will always be apart of you and Grandma is gonna miss you so much she loved you so much. You will always be a big part in our family and you showed us what a loyal friend should be! I love you Baby boy !! Oh and we will miss you fluffing your bed just watching you fluff before you went to bed or making your rounds at night making sure the house was safe or wanting your bed time snack these are the little things we r going to miss about you..
Well Simon Grandma & Mommy and Papaw will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge!!!Run free now you can use your paws run, Jump & also now you have teeth eat everything that You want to eat !!
Till we meet again We love you to the moon and back,More then you will ever know!
Simon You are coming home Thursday to be with us again !!!