Online Memorials

Sir Lanceolot

2001 - 2010

You came to us in grieving another & almost 9 yrs later, your time with us has passed. You suddenly left w/o warning despite our earthly efforts. Accepting that which we cannot change.Your paw has forever imprinted our hearts but now we are apart.A lifetime of discomfort but it was measured by your experiences.The unconditional quality of love that you gave us is matched by the quantity of our heartaches.There will be no other that enjoyed play with the excitement in your soulful wise eyes.Your loyalty & protection of your wet nose kisses as we walked will be missed.Always my baby boy with the compassion for your “ducky.” It will not be alone for it comforts us.We pray that we have the courage to love again in your honor.As a healer being the essence of vibration of nature, you are the gentle breeze that washes away my tears.You are the twinkling stars & warm sunshine rays that light our way to the Rainbow Bridge one day. Be at peace & be joyous with a free young enlightened spirit…