Online Memorials

Sir Lucas-luke-lulu

1999 - 2017

Luke was the love of my life. An angel sent to my Mother and I, to guide us through some of the worst times of our lives and turn them into some of the best. ..
A tiny boy at only 5lbs, he was a Pom with gleaming black hair with a grin bigger than the "Joker"himself! An old soul from day one, often mistaken for being a "beanie baby" until he would suddenly come to life with movement! He learned easily to "speak" many words and sentences like "I love you, daddy!", I'm hungry", "I want hamburger" and more. And had a great passion for opera, singing along to composers he like with his howl in almost perfect pitch. And love to sing along to the show "six feet under", "days of our lives" and others. Though tiny in size, he had the heart of a lion. At age 14, he survived being attacked by 3 boxers and a pitbull. Eventually he was diagnosed with CHF, same as my Mother. But he wouldn't give up, and when our Mother died from it in 2015, he knew I wouldn't have survived on my own, and lived on another two years. His long journey finally ended at the age of eighteen and a half years...
My little lamb, I miss you so... Daddy