Online Memorials


1998 - 2014

I remember the day I went to pick you was, and will always be, one of my fondest memories in my life. You were always the one thing in my life I could count on...and for 16 years you gave me all your love, all the time, unconditionally. You were the sweetest girl ever!! A terrible guard dog, you knew no strangers, and all the passersby always loved up on you!! Everyone always fell in love with you when they met you, even those who said they wouldn't, you know who I am talking about snuggies...he cried to see you in pain, and he cried with me when we had to let you go. I hope you always felt loved and I hope you felt my breath upon you as you took your last one. I will miss you so much "my snuggle bear" and I will never forget you. You gave my life some of the greatest joy I've ever known. Rest in peace and have fun playing with all the strangers in Heaven until we meet again. I love you old fat girl.