Online Memorials


2005 - 2015

I love and miss you! Her princess personality was so much bigger than her little 5 lb. body. She was born that way – it was not created, cultivated or even endorsed by me. Tink was a princess and she needed to remind me of that fact frequently. She could “shun you” better than the best.

She was my protector from the 6 foot UPS man (who, by the way, I didn’t want protected from) to Gary, the armadillo, who took up residency in the back yard. She barked with her whole, little chubby body when she took on a squirrel, a neighbor’s cat or sometimes the air.

I will miss everything about her – from her invisible tiara to all her eccentricity, her “bouncer, bouncer” when I walked in the door, her kisses & cuddles to her peeing on the floor.

There is only one Tink.

Love Mom