Online Memorials


2007 - 2019

Oh how I miss you my Brady boy aka Bray-Bray, Nutter butter, Manny, Man Man and many others.
Brady having you 11 years 7 months and 2 days were the best years of my life. You were always my first hello, but you have definitely been my hardest goodbye. My heart is broken and I miss you more than words could describe. I miss all your cuddles and sleeping right next to me wherever we were. I miss coming home and seeing your smiling face, tail wagging long little body. I miss hearing you get up from a nap and shaking your head and hearing the sound of your helicopter ears.
I always knew where the most comfortable spot to be in was already occupied by you.
I miss seeing you "nurse" on your bed when you were ready for bed or drag it into the bedroom to let me know it was time for bed.
I miss hearing your "Nutter butter" feet scratching at my leg to let me know you were ready for Mom to hold you, or scratching on our bed to let me know you were ready to get back in bed, then nudging me to move with your nose so you could have my place and of course I always obliged happily.
I miss you following me everywhere and when you couldn't see anymore you still followed me loyally.
Brady you were my whole world. Your kisses were infectious. No one will ever give better kisses than you.
Brady you were definitely something special.
Daddy misses you so much and loves you with all his heart. He misses singing Bray Bray songs to you, giving you thumps on the head,and giving you his pats. He misses just having you around. Life isn't the same.
So go fast Bray Bray with your tongue in the lead to heavens gate. So until we meet again my dear son Brady, Mommy and Daddy will always love you with all our hearts.
Love you forever