Dillinger and CINNAMON

Six years ago My beloved Cinnamon crossed the rainbow bridge and I was very pleased with your service. Her remains were delivered in a timely matter. Yesterday I had to said goodbye to my endless love Dillinger, and again we trusted your service. He will be back home soon. Thank you for the care and consideration.


Shirley ( Cinnamon and Dillinger's Mom)

Shirley G Lopez

Forever my Batman

The night I found my sweet baby I was beyond myself I didn’t know what to do. I knew he had done crossed the rainbow bridge and all I wanted was for him to come back to me. I ended up taking him to medvet begging them to bring him back but they couldn’t. So I knew I wanted to keep him with me forever so I asked about cremation. I had to borrow the money the next day so I brought him home with me and held him all night. The next morning I had to take him back to med vet which was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. The not knowing where he was going how he would be treated bothered me. The not knowing! They told me at least two weeks before I would get him back. 6 days later medvet called me and I was able to go get him. Then I was online looking up personalized cremation items and I seen pet angels and the box my Batman is in. I started reading the comments and reviews and finally I had my confirmation that y’all took great loving care for him. I felt so happy to know the unknowing finally. I just want to personally thank everyone that was part of taking care of him it truly means the world to me. Batman and I send our most respect and gratitude to the Pet Angels! Thank you love Batman and Rachel❤️

Rachel myers

Princess moo

I didn't know what to expect when getting Princess back. I was blown away by the attention to detail and compassion shown. It truly helped make a difficult time a little bit easier. I reached out to the company about opening the urn because I had bought a keepsake. Kim Stevenson wrote back and was very helpful and compassionate. Thank you all.l for helping make my baby's journey vet the rainbow bridge an easy one.

God Bless
The McGuigan Family



I just received my dog's ashes from our vet. I cannot tell you enough how much it meant to us of all the special details you went over and beyond for him and us. From the nose print, paw print, hair pieces and the beautiful cedar box he is in. It meant the world to us and was beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for all that you did for our family during this difficult time. You have no idea...

So thankful for you!
Jennifer Miller

Miller, Jul 2021


I can not say how grateful I am of this company at the Melbourne FL location! My daughters hamster had passed away, they took great care of her and the paw prints that my daughter received brought her to tears they were such great detail! Losing a pet is never easy but this company is so compassionate and understanding! Thank you so much for the great service!


Pet Angel – you are our exceptional angels!!!

It was the most heart-breaking moment to be told it's best to put our Precious down. I wanted her cremated and knew I would be getting her back, but what a surprise when she arrived not only in a beautiful velvet bag but also a tuft of her fur, paw print in a plaster disk as well as a card with her perfect paw print. You guys are so wonderful and made my day!! I sincerely appreciate the care taken with our baby -- it's an awesome feeling to know that you do such a professional job with our furry friends. Thank you ever so much!!!

quay family - precious (2005-2021)

Bella 2005-2021

Words cannot begin to explain how grateful my family and I are for the professionalism and care that Waylon at the Mobile, Alabama location gave my family. Unfortunately, our sweet Bella passed peacefully at home. It was late afternoon and he stayed until my oldest son was able to bring his beloved pup. He showed him the upmost compassion and the office kitty gave him such comfort. Thank goodness for Waylon and the kitty. My son was so surprised and pleased that he immediately called me after leaving, in tears nonetheless, to tell me how the comfort in leaving Bella in Waylon’s care made it easier. He and the kitty are truly angels. If there isn’t a comfort specialist, aka kitty or pup, in every location please make it possible. It meant the world to my son to have the kitty help with his grief.


Thank you

We want to thank you for taking such good care of our sweet Wini. She was cremated on April 22, 2021 at gour Clearwater FL location. We deeply appreciate your cremation service, her paw print, the tuft of her fur, and the cremation certificate. We loved her so very much and it meant a great deal to us to know she was placed into such loving and competent hands. Thank you for all you do! The Wilson's of Safety Harbor FL

Wilson Family

Thank you for caring for our sweet Wini

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and professionalism. The Clearwater FL location handled Wini's cremation on April 22, 2021. We appreciate the cremation service, the cedar chest, paw print, and tuft of fur to remember her by and are comforted to know she is still with us. Thanks for taking such good care of her, and for all you do!

Wilson Family

Kudos to Pet Angel (and Employee Colleen Armour)!

Kudos to Pet Angel for the excellent services they provide when one goes through the loss of a beloved pet.
In my case, employee Colleen Armour’s gifts of compassion and professionalism during the process were invaluable.
Her attention to detail and the “human touch” she conveyed, while gently guiding me through a process I had not experienced before, made all the difference.
I also had an opportunity to speak with Florida based counselor Rosalee on the 24/7 Pet Compassion Careline (1-855-245-8214) that was provided by Pet Angel. Rosalee was a great resource too.
Thank you Pet Angel, Colleen and Rosalee!