Wonderful Place

This place was awesome! So kind and caring, they made the viewing of my dog wonderful. He looked so peaceful, like he was sleeping. They even had a beautiful blanket over him. They let us carry him back to be cremated and it was an honor having them take care of my baby. The place is so clean you could feel the peacefulness and love everyone had. Will definitely use again if we need to. Thank you for making my viewing a precious one.


Kow the fuzzy mold

Kow was my first fur baby and my best friend. Rescued from the streets as a kitten, he would greet us when we got home and "yell" at us for food, he always won that battle. Kow was a 20-year-old Norwegian Forest cat, which is closely related to the Maine Coon. Kow started to lose the use of his back legs suddenly and barely able to walk he would flop on his left side, he would try to hide or get out the door, but I couldn't do that to him, he was my baby and I made the final call to have him take his eternal cat nap. I held him to his last breath, and I broke, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Now Kow is sitting high up on my shelf where he loved to lay and watch everything. I want to thank Pet Angel for their service and respect for myself and Kow and for keeping his memory alive! I know one day I will heal, but I am still dealing with his loss, I even step over the stair he loved to lay on still. until we see each other again on that rainbow bridge. - Dad


Our sweet Nikko boy

Nikko was our first baby and he was my best friend. He was always there to greet us when we got home from work, he slept with us every night and what ever we were doing he just wanted to be next to us and get his pets and cuddles. He was a 15 years old Maine Coon mix kitty. The last several months he was unable to use his back legs and finding out he had severe arthritis in his spine and back legs I was terrified and feeling selfish because I just wanted to take him back home. My wife and I had to make the decision to say goodbye to our beautiful boy and we decided to hold him till his last breath. It was the hardest thing I've had to do and hated myself for decision. We had Pet Angel Memorial Center cremate our Nikko boy. I didn't know what to expect, but when my wife brought him home I was so surprised at how beautiful this service turned out. They really went above and beyond to make sure he was treated with dignity. From his sweet little paw print to the heart with his fur. Nikko now is in a pretty wooden box on my nightstand so he can sleep next to me as he did in life. Its only been 2 weeks and I’m still dealing with waves of grief & guilt, but I know one day this will pass. Thank you Pet Angel to help keep his memory alive. 🙏🏻

Carriveau Family


My sweet minipig, Celia, died unexpectedly. The vet had nothing to work with, surgically, so he said he was sorry and would handle cremation if that’s what I wanted. When my husband passed, he was returned to us in a cardboard box. My precious Celia was returned in a beautiful carved box, with hair clippings and a hoof print. A lovely card and plaque with her name on it accompanied those items. I am so grateful to the vet and pet angel for the respect they display for both our grief and the irreplaceable soul that was lost. Thank you beyond words. I highly recommend this company.



Thank you for getting our baby home to us so soon! He's home for Christmas. Ziggy had a long battle with cancer. We chose to put him down rather than watch him suffer. We chose the right vet and the right pet crematorium. Thank you for the love and kindness you showed to our Ziggy. Our deepest appreciation.

The Knights, Lockport, LA.



My wife and I are extremely happy and quite satisfied with everything you did when our cat, Jypsee, passed away. The beautiful box that contains Jypsee’s ashes, the small package of her hair, and the metal strip with Jypsee’s name spelled correctly. Everything my wife and I received when I picked up Jypsee’s ashes was perfect. Jypsee is now right next to our other precious baby, Kit Kat, who passed previously.



I lost my dog on Monday, October 2, unexpectedly. Ever since then, I have been DEVASTATED and feeling so lost. I got a call on Friday that they were going to deliver my girl to me on Saturday. While the situation is by far from anything I expected or wanted, what I received from Pet angel was truly incredible. I got my girl back in a beautiful cedar box, with a paw print that I was not expecting. I've been struggling with her loss, and while it still hurts, I have peace knowing thatPpaisley was taken care of in a dignified and beautiful way.

Thank you for easing my pain just a little, Pet Angel.

Ploetz Family

A real blessing

Regardless of how a family loses a pet, it's incredibly difficult. Our sweet kitty, Bruce, had kidney failure and our choice for him was peace. That choice brought us such sadness. I was unsure how the process for his cremation would be handled, so I called Pet Angel. Miranda was such a blessing! She expressed her sorrow for us and explained all we needed to know. It was as if she wanted to do whatever she could to relieve a little of the heartache we were experiencing. We are so thankful for her compassion ... and for her grace towards us. Thank you.

The Scott Family

Our first goodbye

“Our beloved Frenchie meant the world to us. We were not ready to say goodbye. But thank God for our friends who are like family who encourage us to call Pet Angel Memorial Center. We chose Pet Angel to have her cremated with the utmost care and respect. The service provided was truly exceptional. From the moment we entrusted our fur baby to the crematory, we felt a sense of compassion and professionalism that eased our pain during a difficult time. The final ashes we received were presented beautifully in a blue velvet bag, and it’s comforting to know our dear Mocca is at rest in a dignified manner. Thank you for helping us honor our fur baby’s memory with such care and compassion.”

Marin Family

Our sweet baby, Biscuit

We lost our first baby and we really didn’t know what to expect when it came to cremation but pet angel excexceeded our expectations. The clay paw print brought us to tears. The presentation of it all was so beautiful. Our family feels whole once again. We can’t thank Pet Angel enough.

Summers Family