Our Beautiful Tessie

We lost our 14 year old boxer a few weeks ago. We are broken hearted but when we received Tessie's ashes, we were so happy with the care that was given to her. We received a paw print and some fur clippings in a beautiful card. I never thought about keeping fur clippings and I am so happy we have them. What a beautiful touch! The box with her ashes is beautiful. Thank you Pet Angel!



We had our Black Lab, Baloo for 11 years. We were heartbroken to have him put down due to liver cancer. He was a special part of our family and when the vet told us about private cremation we knew that's what we wanted. Pet angel did an amazing job. The detail and the personalization were outstanding. Thank you for creating a special keepsake for our loving puppy!

Jeremy & Holly Cobble

One last good bye

Ye, Pet Angel is a awesome place. They do phenomenal work! We were able to get Tanks remains, a molded paw print, an ink print of his paw and nose, and even had a "funeral" for our boy. What an amazing experience! We got to be at peace with our boy one last time <3 I totally recommend for anyone that loses their fur baby to visit Pet Angel and explore their services.

Frankie and nicole gonzalez

I can’t thank you enough

Pet Angel has taken care of both my Rottweilers. I lost Ariel in 2018 and they just took care of Abigail last week. I thank you so much for Abby's paw print and beautiful urn. I wished I had gotten a paw print of Ariel. But, from the packaging, the care and gift of Abigail is so appreciated. I thank you so much. I can't thank you enough. It was very hard for me. I thought it was just a vet visit with her and her son. I had no idea her kidneys failed. There was no warning signs.


Every Detail Considered, Every Kindness Observed

Our beloved Lola passed away at home on 3/14/23 after a month-long fight with a fast growing cancer. Pet Angel's services were offered as an affordable package from our local vet's office. Whomever designed the return packaging thought of so many conforting touches. Lola came home to us in a blue bag that reminded us of what a gift she has been - a blue velvet bag over a beautiful wooden box, her paw print captured with enough detail to make us cry and exclaim, "look, it carries the texture of her foot pads, just like a fingerprint!". The ceritificate of cremation, we adore this. having to give our baby over to another's hands was unthinkable but pet angel showed so much care and attention to all the details. Our Lola is home and we thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts.

Dayhoff Family

A total surprise!

I want to start this off by saying this year alone I have lost 4 of my ferret babies. My most recent baby B.B. Shrimp (Bang bang Shrimp) passed away very suddenly. I was COMPLETELY ruined as I did not expect a baby ferret to just pass away suddenly, my other ferrets were old and had lived very full lives, that being said I opted for a group cremation with a paw print cast returned to me as I have before because having the cast always brings me some closure. This time I was totally blown away as a few extra casts were included as well as a very kind card. It felt so nice to know that someone wanted to do a little extra without even knowing the circumstances. I truly appreciate the incredible service that is always provided but this time I would like to give an extra thank you to mandy from Ft. Pierce Pet Angel’s you have made a very tough situation a little easier with your kindness. Thank you again!

Tasha L.

Andy Moore

We were going through such a hard time with the cremation that my family was in tears. When we pick up our precious little boy they were so nice that they did a great job with taking good care of him.

Thank you,
Jesselin Mitchell

Jesselin Mitchell


Our pup, potter, passed away at the age of 15, and while we knew he wouldn't live forever, it was still a DEVASTATING experience. We were so fortunate that our VETERINARIAN guided us to Pet Angel for a private cremation. We had absolutely no idea what to expect, but pet angel walked us through the process and communicated every step of the way. We truly felt that they cared about our sweet pup.

The Breiwa-Turner Family

Memorial blanket

I previously ordered the clay print for my pug, Leila. The order did not come out right at all. I was contacted by Nicole and I was able to order a blanket instead. I received the blanket today and it is beautiful. Thank you for everything.

stephanie Kleinfeldt

Our angel here and above

For over 12 ears our beloved Kenzi served my wife as her constant companion and support dog. When the time came for Kenzi to leave us, the grief was overwhelming. Our Veterinarian in Dunedin suggested Pet Angel. There are no words to describe the compassionate and loving care that we received from the staff in Clearwater. The respect with which they responded to our needs was amazing. The dignity provided to our beloved Kenzi was exactly what was needed to ease our pain of loss. Without a doubt I would recommend Pet Angel to anyone who wanted to provide the absolute best care for the difficult end of life decisions for a beloved animal that was a member of the family.

Joseph Corvino