Art as beautiful as they were


Experience the unparalleled beauty of EverAfter Art.


Celebrate your
pet’s life through art

This new ground-breaking process extracts the molecular makeup of your cherished pet’s cremated remains and transforms it into a breathtaking piece of art that captures their unique spirit.

The result? A one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that will touch your heart every time you see it. Celebrate the life that forever changed yours with a creation as unique and irreplaceable as your best friend.

How it works

Step 1

A small portion of your pet’s cremated remains is sent to EverAfter Art, using a third party shipping service. This portion of cremated remains is used up during the process and will not be returned to you.

Step 2

The cremated remains will be processed to extract the molecular makeup of your cherished pet, which is then photographed to transform it into a unique piece of artwork.

Step 3

You’ll get an email containing a high-resolution digital image for your own personal use, and a custom 8×10” acrylic print delivered to your home, ready for proud display for years to come.



1. Do I have to send my pet’s cremated remains to EverAfter Art?


No, we will take care of separating 1 Tbsp of your pet’s cremated remains and send them to EverAfter Art on your behalf.


2. What causes the unique colors and shapes that make up this artwork?


The shapes, forms, and colors in the artwork are naturally created from the crystal composition extracted from each pet’s essential chemistry. The crystal shape and chemical content affect the color palette by altering the light wavelength passing through the photographed sample. The colors can vary greatly, making each piece of artwork unique.


3. I’m not really computer savvy – what can I do with a digital art file? How do I open it?


The high-resolution file will be sent to your email address. All you have to do is click download, and then save it somewhere safe. You can then use the file as you wish! Some ideas include printing a larger canvas, using it for a phone or desktop background, custom ornaments or cards.


4. How long should I expect to wait before receiving the finished product?


We aim to deliver your acrylic print within 6-8 weeks.


5. If I have a pet’s cremated remains at home, can I still get an EverAfter Art piece created?


Absolutely! Please contact us to coordinate getting the cremated remains of your pet. We can take care of ensuring everything else is taken care of.


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