I have been reminicing with a broken heart during this first holiday season without my best friends and soulmates..
I have used Pet Angel twice for my furry cat daughters, Jennyfur and Selena. Most recently Selena, whom was and still is my soulmate. I cannot thank these wonderful souls that made the most horrific moments in my life bearable with their genuine care, support and kindness. I was fired from my job one week after my 19 year old Selena died, due to a cruel heartless non pet loving boss..that had no sympathy for my grief whatsoever. This made my grief ten times worse. I have since found a better job. I called Andrew out of shock I think, telling him what happened..he was so sympathic....I guess I needed a friend to say it was going to be okay, losing the most important things in my life suddenly. He was wonderful !! Words cannot express my gratitude !!!! If it weren't for the kindness of the wonderful staff at both centers, especially the Pinellas Park, FL center, I would still be a basket case. They have a wonderful selection of urns, etc. I chose to have them put some of Selena's remains into a glass spun teardrop crystal urn. Absolutely beautiful !! Selena was tiny, and her nickname was Minnie (Mouse)..her tear drop has pink and white hearts in it. I hold this to my heart constantly, and, I also did something to help me...that is not part of Pet Angel..I also purchased a star in the universe for her in the Aries constellation, as her birthday is April 4th.
I for sure know she is watching over me from above...for our eternities together.
I was so super devestated, that about 2 weeks later my sister worrying about my grief, went to the local SPCA, and got me a little black kitten (Selena was all black)
whom is long haired. Her name at the shelter was STARDUST..how ironic!! Her name now is SASSY....I used to tell Selena when I was combing her fur, how much I wished she had long fur....this new baby gives kisses all the time like Selena did and sleeps in the same spot next to me in the bed that Selena did. I know she sent this little girl to me, knowing I was just devestated. I really believe that our loved ones know how we feel, and watch over and protect us.

Pet Angel ...I cannot even begin to thank you for all of your recommendations for my baby girl. Thank you Andrew and Jo, for your professionalism, and heartfelt care..and to Rick, the man that had the sad burden to prepare and cremate my beautiful daughter..with such respect !!
God Bless all of you!!..As my previous post said..YOU ARE TRULY PET ANGELS !!!!

Carolyn Sirchie, Jan 2018

Thank you

We so appreciated your kind and compassionate service. It is not easy to lose a beloved cat after 20 years but you certainly helped. Thank you so much!

Markey, Dec 2017

Kind and Professional

I brought my Angel home today. The young woman who assisted me on Thursday was so kind and the completed package was "purrfect" from the box to the wonderful Kitty paw print. Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism during my time of grief.

Dec 2017

This company cares

I have had dogs cremated at other facilities through another vet in the past. They came home in a metal paw print can. When I had Rowdy taken care of by Pet Angel through my current vet he came home in a nice wooden box with an engraved name plate. That showed me that this company cared enough to personalize his urn. This company seems to care about the owners as well as the pets in their care.

Kerschner, Nov 2017

Thank You

I lost my beautiful Weaten Terrier Sandy in a terrible tragedy that also took the life of my 23 year old son and a close friend. The Pet Angels at the Fort Myers FL store showed us how caring and compassionate our fellow citizens can be. We will never forget all of the help and comfort that we felt at this difficult time in our lives. You will be in our thoughts forever.

Smith, Nov 2017

Crystal Marie

Jut want to say thank you for looking after our cat, Crystal Marie. You show how much you care by the way she was returned to us in her casket along with the wild flower seeds. A very fitting addition to how we can remember her. Your presentation was brilliant and we thank you for your service. should we ever need this kind of service in the future, as we have four more cats and a dog, we will certainly be returning to you.
Again thank you for your care and attention over Crystal.

MucNulty Ramm, Nov 2017

My beloved salem

Everything happened so fast with the passing of my bunny. She was my whole world and the first pet I'd ever owned and was my responsibility. She helped me through so many hard times in life. When she fell ill, it was only about 35 hours later when she passed away. She passed away in my arms and I don't think I've ever been more heartbroken in my life. What Pet Angel did for me was above and beyond. I couldn't be more satisfied with what I got from them. You could really tell that they care and are truly sorry for what us as pet owners are going through. I'll never be able to thank Pet Angel enough for giving my babygirl the memorial she truly deserves.

Hubbard, Sep 2017


We lost of precious Emily on September 7, 2017. She had been ill but was expected to recover, so her passing was very sudden and so unexpected. I knew that I wanted a private cremation, but really had no idea what that entailed. I barely recall signing the form for the cremation and didn't make any specific selections. We picked her up from the vet's office on Friday, September 15th. I was overcome with emotion. She was returned to her family in a beautiful box that she had been lovingly tucked into. I sobbed when I saw her precious paw print. I used to give her "puppy paw kisses" all the time. Words cannot express how very grateful that my family is that our vet chose Pet Angel for her final arrangements. Thank you all for what you do. Our babies aren't just animals, they are our family, our children.

BELCHER, Sep 2017

thank you for caring

The loss of our dog Wesley was absolutely devastating. It was a shock and I wasn't sure what to do or who to contact. My vet contacted you guys for us and everything was taken care of so well. We were so overwhelmed with grief that I would not have been able to make many decisions on my own. I picked up Wesley today and the box he came in was just beautiful. I sat in my car and cried because I was thankful that someone else understands that Wesley wasn't "just a dog" he was our family and for 10 years he was one of the most important things in my life. Thank you for doing what you do!

Wells, Sep 2017


I received my fur baby Onyx in 2009 and he was from New York. I never imagined how painful this would feel losing my cat. He was my true love. We just got each other. I think what hurts the most is that he took the place of my children who from a divorce are now estranged from me. While no one can take the place of your living children. Onyx gave me unconditional love, support when I needed it, and everything in between ..... I have to say my home doesn't feel like a home anymore. Not to mention I'm heart broken. I have Onnie' s ashes and it helps but I find myself crying all the time. He died of cancer and it stinks! His death date was July 31, 2017. One of the saddest days of my life outside of loosing my beloved grandmother????????????????????

Grateful, Aug 2017
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