Care of the Angels

This is , sadly, the 3rd little cat we have had to say goodbye. Pet Angel has been wonderful, but with our last little guy, they went above and beyond.
We were traumatized by the vet handling, and both Jill (Zellwood)and Felicia (Orlando) were such a comfort.
I was able to bring a special little necklace I wanted to "send off" with him. I gave it to Felicia hopelessly snarled. She was so patient and kind untangling it. She arranged it so nicely on his neck.
It was so healing for us to be with both these ladies.
May you be blessed for all you do


Thank you

We submitted an online memorial for our angel Randy and the website indicated that it would take a couple of days to be reviewed before it would appear with the other memorials. I spoke with Colleen and she immediately contacted the department that handles the online memorials and within an hour Randy's memorial was on the website. Also, the photos we had uploaded were in reverse order from the way we wanted them and Colleen had this corrected a short time later. She was very professional and responsive to our needs in our time of grief at the loss of Randy. Colleen efforts are very much appreciated. She is an excellent representative for Pet Angel. Thank you Colleen!!

Garrick Shear

True Angels

I am very pleased with the service I received you’re truly angels Of pets I’m glad I was directed to this facility.


FrOm the heart

Even though I never worked with anyone directly from Pet Angel I am so pleased with the state my sweet Destiny came home to us. Her urn is so beautiful and the detail placed on helping you cope with such a loss is overwhelming. We received a certificate ensuring she was cremated privately and with respect as well as a whole brochure with ways to cope with the loss. It felt good to know that what I’m feeling is normal and be given ideas for how to work past my grief. Thank you!


Thoughtful care for my little parrot

Pet Angel is truly a thoughtful, caring and professional organization.
Working with Pet Angel through the cremation process, gave me comfort and confidence that I chose the right service for my dear little Rhapsody Blue!
I would highly recommend Pet Angel to anyone looking to have that special closure for their dear family pet member!
Many Thanks!

Danny Kreuzman


Pet Angel Indianapolis - Pet Angel is truly a thoughtful and professional organization! Working with Colleen through the cremation process, made me feel confident that I chose the right service and care for my
birdie buddy Rhapsody Blue. I would highly recommend Pet Angel to anyone who is wanting that special closure for their beloved family pet member!
Many Thanks!


thank you pet angels

Had to put my sweet Brittany Spaniel Autumn down on May 4. The staff at Arlington Heights explained the cremation service and Pet Angel to me. Told me it would be about a week to get her back, but got a call 4 days later saying Autumn was back. I picked her remains up on May 12 and was literally blown away by the obvious care, compassion and detail that was put into the cremation. That being said, I WOULD recommend Pet Angel to anyone who would like to have their best friend cremated. I believe one of the hardest things to do is put your four legged friends to sleep and Pet Angels went above and beyond. Simply said, thank you Pet Angel from the bottom of my heart. RIP Autumn Sep. 10, 2005 - May 4, 2020.

eric perry

Thank you

We would like to thank you for taking care of our fur baby. By no means was this an easy decision, but we wanted to ALWAYS have him with us. We received his ashes back today, 5/12 which is his birthday! Your service is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!

The Christopher

Miss Maggie

I recently lost my darling Miss Maggie Mae, here in Leesburg Fl. The Animal Clinic told me about Cremation of my little one. Her box, name tag and paw print was so touching. The booklet and certificate let me know that I made the right decision to have her privately cremated. To know that she is still with me is precious! Thank you!


rainbow Bridge

I would like to thank you so much for taking such great care of my furbabys remains. I was notified by my amazing veterinarians office St Charles in Davenport Fl that his ashes had been delivered . I was so agitated the whole ride there..but upon receiving the remains I was completely touched by so much care and detail that obviously was put into this ..my heart felt a little lighter when I saw his certificate of cremation..his beautiful paw print..and the urn and pretty little blue pouch that hold his ashes...forever grateful!!!