Our memorial package was so sweet

Thank you so much for your caring and services. Our baby girl, Skittles Dale Dean, was such a part of our family and is missed daily. Our memorial package was so sweet and touched our hearts. Thank you!


Integrity was the reason I contacted you

I wanted to thank everyone involved for the support I received when Zaq died. I contacted your company on the basis of a Channel 8 report on your industry. Your owner was telling people the questions they needed to ask since it was unregulated, and listing the steps you take in providing your service. That integrity was the reason I contacted you when the need arose. The support and love I received since is the reason I have told everyone I know with a pet about you. Zaq was my child. You people got that. I was a basket case. Looking back, even I can see how crazy I was. Many people wouldn't have understood, but you did. You hugged me and told me how sorry you were. You made me know that there were other people who felt the same way. When I picked Zaq up, the lady spent time telling me about her prior loss and listening to my stories about him, and making sure I was ready before bringing him out to me. My mother died in November. No one from the funeral home called me to see how I was doing, but you people did. I can't tell you how much that meant to me. Your company is obviously in the business of making money. The people it has chosen in Indiana present to its clients that this is a secondary consideration (which obviously ultimately supports the bottom line). When my mother had to go into assisted living a few years ago, we were fortunate to find an extraordinary facility. She would always tell people she knew "You know, these people do for me like they WANT to instead of like they're getting PAID to." That's exactly how I feel about the Pet Angel representatives in Indiana. Thank you again, and I would appreciate it if you would forward this message to your corporate headquarters so they can see the treasure they have here in Indiana. God Bless!


Thanks for making a very difficult time bearable

It has been almost 3 months since I came to get my wonderful best friend, LexiLu, from Animal Medical Hospital. I just want to say thank you for your kindness and respectful manner in which you handled Lexi. Besides receiving her ashes in the lovely box, I had you place a little of her ashes in a heart locket that I wear everyday. She recently rode around my neck on a trip to Colorado. I told her I would take her to Colorado and I did. Thanks again for making a very difficult time bearable.


The service is awesome

I recently lost Jonah, my 13 year old Greyhound. Pet Angel took care of his final arrangements. He is the 4th pet that Pet Angel has cared for on my behalf. The service is awesome. Each time I've called I've been treated with such respect and I know Jonah and the other pets have been too. Theresa and Colleen are so sweet and care so much about the pets and owners. They are such a blessing.


I will never be able to thank you enough

To Bill at the Florida Pet Angel Pinellas location...I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you did for me. I had planned a trip over to Pet Angel to be there when my baby arrived. When I arrived, Bill greeted me with open arms telling me how very sorry he was for my loss. I immediately felt the warmth and sincere caring of this man. Geo's delivery was a bit late so I decided to wait in the chapel for the few hours that it took. Bill continuously came in to check on me, give me coffee and well, just make me feel like family. Bill explained that most fur babies didn't come in looking very good so he suggested I not see Geo as he did not think it was in my best interest to remember him that way. Closing time (5:00 p.m.) came and went and Bill came to me and said it was not a problem at all for him to keep the office open until my Geo came in. When Geo finally arrived, Bill came in with a big smile on his face and said he wanted me to see something . . . as I walked towards a small chapel, he began to tell me how beautiful my baby looked. Bill had placed Geo on a beautiful blanket and proceeded to allow me to say my farewells. Geo was beautiful and Bill gave me the greatest gift I could ever have in allowing me my time with my baby. I asked him if he would take photos and he said that he would be honored. All in all, Bill kept the center open an extra hour just for my angel and me. What a wonderful, wonderful man.


I just wanted to say thanks

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for making the process of letting my baby "sampson" go to a better place easier. He died 9/9/10 and was 21 yrs old. He was a siamese/snowshoe and the best kitty ever. It is hard to believe that I got him when I was 24 yrs. old (I am now 47 yrs. old). We all miss him so much in our household; even the other pets in the house are looking for him and are kind of confused. I love the box his ashes came back in and I just wanted to say thanks ... I miss him so much. My heart aches a lot now that he is gone from our lives.


I am very grateful

My name is Irene. You handled the cremation for my 'little man' Fred (5/31/12). He came to you from Kindness Animal Clinic on 26th St. W. in Bradenton. I cannot thank you enough for the professional - loving and caring way you took care of my dear loyal friend. I recently lost my Mom (February of this year). Of course, I went through a funeral director. When I got my Mom back, she was in a cardboard box that was nothing more than a plain white "pound cake" box in the same maroon color bag and it was just that and nothing else. You, on the other hand, had Fred, a death certificate, a nice wooden box to place him in and a condolence package. I loved my little man just as much as my Mom. They both were on this earth to take care of me and me equally for them. How sad it is that my Dog received better treatment and compassion from your business than my Mother did from a funeral director. Although I felt the same for both, you would think a human would receive the same amount of respect or more. You did/do an outstanding and professional service for your clients. And for that I am very Grateful!


I felt nothing but support, compassion and love

I just wanted to let the corporate office know how much we appreciated two of their employees during our time of loss. We worked with the Midwest Pet Angel Memorial Center. Specifically, we worked with Colleen and Theresa on planning and then dealing with the loss of our beloved Maggie Rose. From the moment I made the call to just talk about the process and arrangements of pre planning, to the pick up of our Babygirl, I felt nothing but support, compassion and love for us and Maggie. When we brought Maggie Rose to them, they so lovingly brought her in and placed her in the viewing area. They were so respectful of our feelings, making sure it was okay for them to look at her and then pet her. It really comforted us to have them interested in her and her life. They were so patient and tender with us and made this day so much easier. Then when we picked Maggie up, again we received nothing but total compassion and caring. I have been raving about your services to all who have asked about Maggie. But even more than just Pet Angel, I have told them how much Colleen and Theresa made the experience so much easier. I told a lady today there may be other pet services out there, but none of them have Colleen and Theresa and they most certainly will not provide the care they do. I hope you know what great employees you have and how much they make your business SHINE on the local level. I will never deal with any other pet service than with Colleen and Theresa.


You were our special guardian angel

Bill, at the Pinellas Park, FL Memorial Center, is exceptional. He has shared support with us over two losses. We could not have made it through without his kindness, professionalism, caring ways and QUALITY service. "Bless you, Bill" - you were our special guardian angel.

Nancy & Heather

I feel like you honored her life

I received the ashes back from a pet that passed in August, the first time I'd ever heard of or used your service. I expected to get the equivalent of a tobacco can, as I had in the past, from other clinics. I was so touched by the care you took in making sure that my little cat was remembered in such a special way with your velvet bag in the beautiful wooden urn. I feel like you honored her life and cared for her even after her death, and that was such a great comfort. I will never again use another service but yours for a lost pet. It was an especially hard loss, not just because we loved her so, but because she was only 5 years old. The way you took care of everything, thinking of all the little things that help with the heartbreak, is just wonderful. Thank you so much for that. It was still hard to get her ashes back, but that she had been treated with such care helped me get through it. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.