I felt nothing but support, compassion and love

I just wanted to let the corporate office know how much we appreciated two of their employees during our time of loss. We worked with the Midwest Pet Angel Memorial Center. Specifically, we worked with Colleen and Theresa on planning and then dealing with the loss of our beloved Maggie Rose. From the moment I made the call to just talk about the process and arrangements of pre planning, to the pick up of our Babygirl, I felt nothing but support, compassion and love for us and Maggie. When we brought Maggie Rose to them, they so lovingly brought her in and placed her in the viewing area. They were so respectful of our feelings, making sure it was okay for them to look at her and then pet her. It really comforted us to have them interested in her and her life. They were so patient and tender with us and made this day so much easier. Then when we picked Maggie up, again we received nothing but total compassion and caring. I have been raving about your services to all who have asked about Maggie. But even more than just Pet Angel, I have told them how much Colleen and Theresa made the experience so much easier. I told a lady today there may be other pet services out there, but none of them have Colleen and Theresa and they most certainly will not provide the care they do. I hope you know what great employees you have and how much they make your business SHINE on the local level. I will never deal with any other pet service than with Colleen and Theresa.


You were our special guardian angel

Bill, at the Pinellas Park, FL Memorial Center, is exceptional. He has shared support with us over two losses. We could not have made it through without his kindness, professionalism, caring ways and QUALITY service. "Bless you, Bill" - you were our special guardian angel.

Nancy & Heather

I feel like you honored her life

I received the ashes back from a pet that passed in August, the first time I'd ever heard of or used your service. I expected to get the equivalent of a tobacco can, as I had in the past, from other clinics. I was so touched by the care you took in making sure that my little cat was remembered in such a special way with your velvet bag in the beautiful wooden urn. I feel like you honored her life and cared for her even after her death, and that was such a great comfort. I will never again use another service but yours for a lost pet. It was an especially hard loss, not just because we loved her so, but because she was only 5 years old. The way you took care of everything, thinking of all the little things that help with the heartbreak, is just wonderful. Thank you so much for that. It was still hard to get her ashes back, but that she had been treated with such care helped me get through it. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Addressed our concerns with great compassion

We want to express our gratitude to your staff and organization during the passing of our twelve year old furry child, Roo Roo, on June 29th of this year. It is seldom that you find the compassion, sincerity and understanding during the loss of a loved one, whether two or four legged. Our experience during this time of loss for our family was uplifting and without worry as to the care Roo Roo would receive as we waited for her return to us. Sharon addressed our concerns with great compassion and replaced them with comfort and confidence that Roo Roo's final journey would be respectful, honorable and accountable. Rich, who picked her up, was most consoling and respectful to her and us. Sue, who returned her to us, is a joy and no one could have been a more gracious returner of our Roo Roo. Thank you all, from our our entire family.

William M

I can’t express how comforting your words were

Even though I will never know for sure how my baby passed, I can't express how comforting your words were to me. God has definitely placed you where you belong. I am able to deal with the death of my beloved pet thanks solely to your comforting thoughts and words. If there is ever anything that I could possibly do for you, don't hesitate to contact me!

Very happy with everything you guys have done

I just wanted to let you know my appreciation for your company and how great everyone is there. I recently lost my ferret, Willy, and it has been really hard for me. I was worried about someone saying he was just a ferret, but everyone there was so understanding and not judgmental at all. He was a ferret, but he was also a part of my family and like a child to me. My husband just picked up Willy today and we have been very happy with everything you guys have done to help us. I was sent there from someone who highly recommended your company and I will also recommend you to others as well. I have 5 more ferrets and 2 dogs, so although I hope it is going to be a long time before I have to go there again, I definitely will be bringing my beloved pets there.

Steven & Nicole

Thank you

We just wanted to say thank you again for taking such good care of us and our precious little angel.

Pet Angel provided the best of care

I lost my dog Koti last week. I wanted to thank Pet Angel for the wonderful services. The beautiful urn and the paw print have provided some closure for us. We provided the best of care for our Koti during her 9 years and I feel grateful that Pet Angel provided the best of care for her at the end of her life.


The caring calls meant a lot to me

I wanted to thank you so much for the care and attention given me after the loss of my baby. The caring calls meant a lot to me and I'll always remember you for the caring. The packet of poems and remembrances you sent home with him are a comfort and very beautiful.

I can’t express my appreciation enough for Pet Angel

I can't thank you enough for posting my memorial to Shadow. It turned out great. Thanks again for taking the time to make it work. I have been down this road having to lose my little ones many times. Shadow was actually my 8th and it is the first time I ever put a memorial up for any of my babies. This is actaully the first time I ever knew about the website and all the things that are available through Pet Angel. Shadow's cedar box is on the wall unit in my living room next to my other two babies, Mystie & Mandy. I am so impressed with the compassion that Pet Angel showed to my husband and me when we recived the sympathy card in the mail and when I picked up Shadow's cremains, I was so taken aback with how lovely they came back to us. The cedar box and velvet bag are beautiful and the booklet was very helpful in helping us get through our grief. I just wish I could explain to our last remaining girl, Emma, how to handle her grief at the loss of her friend. I know that Emma will be treated in the same caring manner when her time comes. I can't express my appreciation enough for Pet Angel. You are an amazing group of caring people and I thank you for that. I am thankful that my baby girl was sent to you by my vet, Dr. Howell at Midway Animal Hospital in Largo, FL. He took care of Shadow from the day we adopted her from our local shelter when she was 8 years old. I just wish she would have lived longer so that we could have had her for more than the 8 short wonderful & happy years. I guess we should be happy that we had that much time and God wanted to take her home.