Pet Angel provided the best of care

I lost my dog Koti last week. I wanted to thank Pet Angel for the wonderful services. The beautiful urn and the paw print have provided some closure for us. We provided the best of care for our Koti during her 9 years and I feel grateful that Pet Angel provided the best of care for her at the end of her life.


The caring calls meant a lot to me

I wanted to thank you so much for the care and attention given me after the loss of my baby. The caring calls meant a lot to me and I'll always remember you for the caring. The packet of poems and remembrances you sent home with him are a comfort and very beautiful.

I can’t express my appreciation enough for Pet Angel

I can't thank you enough for posting my memorial to Shadow. It turned out great. Thanks again for taking the time to make it work. I have been down this road having to lose my little ones many times. Shadow was actually my 8th and it is the first time I ever put a memorial up for any of my babies. This is actaully the first time I ever knew about the website and all the things that are available through Pet Angel. Shadow's cedar box is on the wall unit in my living room next to my other two babies, Mystie & Mandy. I am so impressed with the compassion that Pet Angel showed to my husband and me when we recived the sympathy card in the mail and when I picked up Shadow's cremains, I was so taken aback with how lovely they came back to us. The cedar box and velvet bag are beautiful and the booklet was very helpful in helping us get through our grief. I just wish I could explain to our last remaining girl, Emma, how to handle her grief at the loss of her friend. I know that Emma will be treated in the same caring manner when her time comes. I can't express my appreciation enough for Pet Angel. You are an amazing group of caring people and I thank you for that. I am thankful that my baby girl was sent to you by my vet, Dr. Howell at Midway Animal Hospital in Largo, FL. He took care of Shadow from the day we adopted her from our local shelter when she was 8 years old. I just wish she would have lived longer so that we could have had her for more than the 8 short wonderful & happy years. I guess we should be happy that we had that much time and God wanted to take her home.


You are absolutely wonderful

We met your manager at our clinic when our dog passed away. You just happened to be there and were so wonderful and helpful to us. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful gift box you gave us, the compassion you showed to us that day, and for taking care of our pet's remains. You are absolutely wonderful.

I will never forget your kind words

On 4/25/11, I lost my best friend of 16 years. I want to thank Pet Angel and extend a special Thank You to Bill. When my son, Jason, brought Chopper, my Beloved Pet, home in his urn, I was simply overwhelmed - not at just having him home, but the beautiful way his ashes came to me. He is in a beautiful cherry wood box and his ashes are inside in a felt pouch. The pouch reads "My Pet Angel" with a paw print on it. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing him home in such a beautiful way. The kindness and compassion you showed me was above and beyond! I will never forget your kind words and the time you spent just listening to me. Chopper and I are grateful for you and your services! May God Bless you.


You and your staff made a sad time tender and loving

We want to thank you so much for your support and compassion through a difficult time. You and your staff made a sad time tender and loving for all. Our pet was family and memories are held close at heart. Thank you again.

Takes pride in serving our community

We wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the professionalism and care that Bill from your Pinellas Park office showed us during the loss of our friend's puppy, Winlow. Bill is one of a kind - a gentle, compassionate human being who takes pride in serving our community.

Jeff & Karen

Kindness, care, and support

Thanks to all of you for taking such wonderful care of our baby—your kindness, care, and support won't be forgotten.

Such professional dignity and compassion

We are Canadian and just six short weeks ago had to have our beloved Samson put down here in Florida. Pet Angel took care of his remains with such professional dignity and compassion that I will be eternally grateful.

Brenda H

Thank you so much

Your care of my baby during such a hard time was awesome! I still have moments but it's ok. I have her bowl on the counter and your card on the mantle. Again, thank you so much.