Online Memorials

Geo (Mr. Magoo)

2001 - 2013

On Feb. 26th my beautiful baby went home to the Rainbow Bridge. My Geo was one of the top racers in central Florida. Geo was terrified of racing however, and would have panic attacks before he went to the track...(which lasted many years when he would hear a garbage truck as he would assume he was going back to the track). We originally fostered Geo ....when we took him to an event for adoptions, a couple had decided to adopt him. As I watched the couple sign the papers, I burst into tears and promptly apologized, but I just couldn't give him up...Geo came home with me that day his forever home..and our lives were changed forever. He helped get me through 12 months of Chemo, losing my beloved mother and finally the loss of a job that I truly loved. He was always there with his Geo smile and all that unconditional love. He was the bravest boy I knew. Goodbye my little man. Mommy will miss you more than words can say.