Online Memorials


2008 - 2013

My darling boy,
How I miss you already. From the moment I first saw you and played with you I knew that we had connected in a special way. Your love for my family, especially my nephews, always amazed me and filled me with joy when I would see their faces light up and when they would giggle when you licked their faces. Your love for me was unquestionable, you were my shadow, you never took your eyes off of me. You were my life-partner for five years, you were my confidant, my sweet, my beloved. Whilst I had you, I took the best care I could of you, and I know that you felt loved always. When I would pick you up and ask you: "Who is my baby?" you would gently place your sweet head on my chest in response. I miss coming home to your greeting, I miss your play bows, I miss you sleeping in my arms. Life is simply not the same without you. You were mine and I was yours, though all things may be, I shall never forget you.
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