Online Memorials

Kiana Rae “Rae Rae”

2002 - 2012

Kiana was not only our dog, but our friend. We were her third owners and her forever home. She had the sweetest disposition, loved to have her belly rubbed, and to give kisses. She followed me, my husband Brad, and our son Luke every where. During story time with our son, she layed under his bed. She loved to run...and run she did, all over our neighborhood. She loved to sun herself on our deck. She loved to go bye-bye in the car, and to visit people. She loved to be loved. She was my buddy, my child, and she will always have a piece of my heart. I will miss her kisses and her unending head nudges for pets. Luke will miss her softness and her loving nature. Brad will miss her ricky racing all over the house and her constant kissing. Kiana run free there in heaven and we will meet again some day. We love you!