Online Memorials



We miss you dearly. Our lives have changed already. I now need a new alarm clock, since you won't be there to wake me in the morning. Freddy has to use his blanket, when he gets cold, since you're not there to keep his feet warm. Ayanna needs a new laptop buddy, to lay on the buttons, while she types and your mom lea can now use her ab lounger since you're not there to use it as a bed. When we leave to go out, no one is laying in front of the door waiting for us to return. I know you will be our little angel now and forever. You were a special kind of animal. Our baby. You always made us laugh - even when you clawed at the door no one could stay mad at you for long. Even though you're far away sweetie, you deserve the best. Thank you for making our lives happy. We love and miss you dearly - Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace, our sweet boy. (Photo is Mac and his son, Cherrio)