Online Memorials


2003 - 2010

We rescued Matilda from the Humane Society of Indy in July of '03 and we had 7 great years with her. Our baby girl loved going bye bye. She took my favorite chair away from me which we shared - I got the edge, she got the rest. Matilda had me trained well!! What will we miss about her? EVERYTHING - from her morning kisses to her laying her head down on my left shoulder when went to sleep at night. Comforting us both when we were sick or injured - she was there. Matilda loved to go bye bye a lot. As soon as she heard keys come out, she would come to the door wanting out. She loved to snuggle up with us and be perfectly fine with it. WHAT DO WE MISS THE MOST ABOUT MATILDA? EVERYTHING!!! God called her home on 10-24-10. Please take care of her and keep her safe and happy for she was more than a dog or pet to us. She is OUR BABY GIRL.