Online Memorials


1996 - 2011

The first time I ever saw you, you looked like a little bear. You fit in the palm of my hand and right then and there you stole my heart and you still have it. You were my faithful, loving friend through it all. You would be mad at me when I had to leave. You would bark and try to bite my toes, but when I came home you would greet me with loving kisses. I still can not believe you are gone. You will always be my "Nollie niblet, puppy tiblet... I love you so much and my heart misses you more each day. Keep chasing the UPS man and the trash truck. You were little in size, but huge in attitude and spirit. I will see you when I get to Heaven, my beautiful puppy girl. Thanks for loving me and being my forever friend and baby. Love, your mommy