Online Memorials

Piper Daniels

2011 - 2018

When I saw you at Coastal Humane Society they said you were a 6-8 month old female black lab mix. You were so full of energy and love. I took your picture and texted it to Jon and he replied he would come right over. He wanted a male chocolate lab but he fell instantly in love when he saw your face. There were other people at the shelter looking around that day so I got a leash and took you for a walk so no one would get you before Jon got there.
Our bond began.
It took Jon 45 minutes to get there. He found us cuddling on the grass in front of the shelter.
Piper, the past 7 years have been full of the best memories. Playing in the snow, you loved chasing snowballs and leaping into the air to tackle shovelfuls of snow when we shoveled. Crunching icicles was your favorite - the bigger the better. I remember when you climbed the snowbank and walked on the roof of the garage when we shoveled the snow off.
You loved balls, squeaky toys, sticks, truck rides, kayaking, swimming, boating, walks, naps, people, dogs, cats and children. You did NOT like skunks (me either!) You liked to tree porcupines, and chase squirrels and chipmunks (all i had to say was, " you know there's a squirrel on the bird feeder?") you never caught one but the chase sure was fun. You did NOT like guns or fireworks or thunderstorms.
You loved and were loved by your furless sisters Sarah and Katrina. You loved Lizzy and little Leo, and playing ball with Levi and Parker. Your best friends that you are with now were Cookie and Abby. I pray you are running and playing with them. You also loved Cabella, Callie and Maggie and your fur brothers Rommel and Rufus...I'm the only girl now, am I ever going to keep all these boys in line by myself? I'll never forget how sweet you were with little Buxton as you played in the water with him and showed him it was a great place to be.
You spread love everywhere you went. Hospitals when Jon had surgeries and nursing homes when you visited Jon in rehab and Mommom when she was in the nursing home. You won even Mommom's heart as I saw her sneaking tidbits to you when she thought no one was looking. I remember you laying on the floor next to her bed after she died. You knew. I hope you find Mommom in heaven.
You were always there, Piper. You had to be touching me. You were a 75 pound lap dog. I miss your weight curled up on my lap, I miss how you would snuggle up mto my back in bed and drape your head over my neck. I miss how you would lay your head on my shoulder in bed and nuzzle your nose right INTO my ear and just breathe a heavy sigh and go to sleep.
We all miss you so much, Piper. You died in my arms. I was telling you what a good dog you always were and how much I loved you. I hope you heard me sweet girl. If anyone is waiting for me in heaven I know it will be you with a big smile and that wagging tail.
We love you Piper. Your family always will and we'll never forget you and how special you were to us.