Online Memorials


1993 - 2006

Reggie, words can't describe how much I miss you! I know you have been up in heaven for awhile now (about 5 years), but you are still just as missed. Hopefully you are eating lots of carrots up there, your favorite treat. I still remember how you ate the faces out of my and my sister's pumpkin on Halloween night because you thought they were big carrots lol! I still can't help but smile when I tell that story. This is still so hard, Reggie, because I grew up with you from the time I was 6 until I was 19. That's 13 years! When we got you I was losing my teeth, and when you died I was in college. I can't say that about any other pet I have. Reggie, you will always be remembered for your kindness, your kisses, and all the love that you gave wholly without ever wanting anything in return. Most people aren't like that! I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye to you, but I can say it now at least. Bye my faithful friend. You are missed and loved <3